Begins :   March 14, 2017

Time:       Tuesdays and Thursdays 2pm -5pm

Ryan Art Center

420 Chartiers Ave     

McKees Rocks, PA 15136    







  • APPLY ONLINE or PAPER APPLICATION (available at Ryan Art Center Front Desk or Library)
  • Parental Guardian Permission Slip
  • Attend the Orientation Tuesday March 14 (reservation necessary)

What do you get?

Students will participate in the 

  • 12 week after school program (Tues & Thurs 2-5pm)

  • Independent workshops w/ teaching artists

    • Video Production

    • Ceramics

    • Printmaking

    • Dance

  • Field trips to Artists Image Resource Print studios (north side) & more fun places

  • SNACKS EVERYDAY! 2pm-3pm

  • PAT ConnectCards for all participating students


  • Respect yourself

  • Respect others

  • Respect the Space and Materials

  • Everyone has the right to be heard but we can’t all speak at once

  • Create a safe space for everyone



Our free afterschool programs promote sustained mentoring relationships between high school students and trained artist mentors—who, together, engage in youth leadership, risk taking, collaboration, and self-directed learning. This Teen Open Studio is an afterschool creative space where students can come to learn hands on art practice by working alongside a practicing artist/mentor.  

The open studios will steer students towards career goals and embrace craft whether its in the visual arts, performance,  or a practical skill. 

Studios Programs:

  • Steeltown Film Academy (video production)

  • Artists Image Resource (print making)

  • Ceramics w/ Terra By Terra

  • Culinary Terra Mayes

  • Trevor C Dance Collective dance/movement

  • Renewal Coffee coffee/barista training,

  • Visiting Artist Mentors

Ryan Arts will provide mentors and role models to steer students towards career goals and embrace craft whether it is in the arts or a practical skill. We are grounded in the belief that in order to fulfill the promise of our democracy, all young people, no matter their place in society, should have the opportunity to become more creative and independent thinkers.


A creative practice helps us to create new sites of creative experimentation and transformation; spaces in which we can create, collaborate, document, reflect, and most importantly, engage. It is meant to be accessible, loose, and most importantly, relational. Which is why it is also central to our practice as an organization.

What will we do?

Students will participate in the 

  • 12 week after school program (tues & thurs 3-5pm)

  • Independent workshops w/ teaching artists

  • Field trips to artist studios

  • SNACKS EVERYDAY! 2pm-3pm

  • PAT Connect Cards for all participating students



for more info email pspynda@forstorox.org