Success Story: Dustin Pounds

 Focus On Renewal Ready to Work Success Community Resource Center

Meet dustin pounds...

From volunteering at the Good Shepherd Lutheran food pantry in Stowe Township to working at Walmart, Inc. This story has all the right items to be a Workplace Development success story! Dustin was working at NCO when he lost his job and it was imperative that he find another job because he had his own apartment.

Dustin met the Workplace Coordinator on 4/25/2015.    Dustin did everything that was suggested to him by the Workplace Coordinator…She went over his interviewing techniques and showed him how to be confident! She said that he could use her cell and office numbers. On 5/2, Dustin placed an on-line application to Walmart while he was at the Ready to Work Sto-Rox office. Almost immediately, Walmart, Inc. called. They had a need for a third shift cashier. Dustin had to forego that opportunity because of transportation.

The workplace coordinator suggested to Dustin that he called Walmart right back and ask for anything else. He was hired at Walmart, Inc. on 5/10/2016 as a Cart Retrieval person. The story does not end there - he was promoted to a cashier, given fulltime hours and a raise!  Way to go, Dustin!!