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XYLO 3 Premiere

 A tortured man attempts to rebuild his world after a series of damaging events. A teenager’s life hangs in the balance after her first foray into drug use. The final installment of the XYLO series will take viewers into Trevor Miles' evocative tale of substance abuse and mental health from an LGBTQIA Lens of Color. After three years of storytelling, the world will finally learn what happened by the lake. 

This work is timely as opioid overdoses in Pennsylvania, and nationally, continue to climb. Mental health and grief are prominent themes in this work. XYLO3 will be more mature in content than its predecessors.

Sounds in XYLO 3 include original poetry and music by Italian producer Clap! Clap!, ethereal sounds from experimental artists like Clark, and music from contemporary artists like Chance the Rapper. XYLO 3 is sponsored by a generous grant from Wells Fargo.